I live in Memphis, Tn. with my husband, 2 children, and fur baby. I am a photographer who loves all things good and beautiful. There is beauty everywhere, even in the unconventional....you just have to take the time to see it. My photography is an extension of my mind & what I feel. 

I appreciate good design in everything. like every. single. thing. It drives my husband insane..... and he is a designer. Decaf?....just no. Donuts all day, every day. Sometimes, I like to live on the edge and let my gas tank get really low. I'm a list maker...but if it looks ugly, I'll tear it up and start over. I am a constant learner, an avid reader & with thanks to my husband, I have seen almost every documentary known to mankind ("Bronies" i'm looking at you.) 
I love drinking orange juice and eating chocolate....at the same time. I know. If my husband didn't cook for me every night, I would eat like a frat boy in college. I'm a hot dog & grilled cheese aficionado. I'm an introvert, so I glow rather than sparkle. It's okay, i've come to terms with it. I'm kind of a hippie, with champagne taste. I live in suburbia and burn incense. I love my dog as much as my kids. Practicing mindfulness & gratitude every single day.  Sometimes, my dad jokingly tells me he doesn't know how I made it this far in life....all I can say is....I started from the bottom now I'm here. 

I earned my b.f.a. in photography from savannah college of art and design. I have been fortunate to photograph some of the most prominent people in memphis & beyond. 
CHEERS TO THE JOURNEY, the many failures,  AND the few SUCCESSES that make it all worth it.


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